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“There is something misguided about the way the current technology consulting field operates; spending its time at ground level, it deals with each individual issue, makes a quick profit and moves on. Altitude Technology Group sees things from a different perspective. A higher altitude. With all the experience and expertise necessary to handle complex technology issues, we also have a broader strategic vision and the discipline to see the bigger picture. Our clients, in turn, see us as long term partners who help them manage their technology needs in the context of their business. The way we see it, that’s the only way – to aim towards the horizon.”

Headquartered in Boston, MA Altitude Technology Group (ATG) was founded in 2008.  Established with the specific goal of combining deep end-user experience with future-focused technology vision, ATG provides direct value to all tiers of the IT market.  Altitude Technology Group is comprised of analysts, pre and post sales teams, implementers,  solutions architects, and technical marketing resources.  We pride ourselves on scalable, repeatable, and focused assistance to our customer’s varied technology needs.

Email: partner@altitude-tech-group.com